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    This forum is for the general use of any Redstick users on a Windows based platform. If your question does not relate specifically to your device then check the Help and Tutorials sections for solutions. Please read through the existing topics in this forum before posting to see if your question has been answered already.

    When posting a question please give us as much information as possible, for example:
    1. What Redstick release are you using? (Redstick Site CAD, Redstick Pro or Redstick Pro Data)
    2. What version of the release are you using? (3.17.8, 3.20.0, etc.)
    3. What device are you using? (Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy Book 12, etc.)
    4. What version of the operating system are you using? (Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, etc.)
    5. A detailed description of your problem and what you were doing in the application when you encountered it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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