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    How to Use Bluetooth Measuring Devices

    In this tutorial we will present the required configuration steps for using a Bluetooth device with Redstick and demonstrate the steps in using one within the application.

    Bluetooth device connectivity is available in all versions of Redstick.



    The FAQ contains a list of Bluetooth measuring devices that have been tested to be compatible with Redstick for each OS. Devices not on that list are not officially supported. Please check the list to ensure that your measuring device is compatible.



    To use a Bluetooth measuring device in Redstick your phone or tablet and Bluetooth device must first be correctly configured:
    1. The two devices must be properly paired via Bluetooth. You must also have only one such measuring device paired with your phone or tablet when trying to use the device from within Redstick.
    2. Bluetooth must be active in both devices.
    To ensure that these requirements are met refer to the directions provided by your device manufacturers for activating Bluetooth and pairing devices.


    Using Bluetooth Device in Redstick

    Once your compatabile measuring device is correctly configured it can be connected to from within Redstick. To do this you must first select the correct type of device from the Additional Settings dialogue (here I am selecting Bosch).

    Then select the Bluetooth button from the Settings Toolbar.

    The button should turn red to indicate that Redstick has Bluetooth access but has not connected to a device.

    The button should then turn blue after a short time once the device has been connected to Redstick. If the button remains red for an extended period and then reverts to the white colour then your phone/tablet and bluetooth device are not correctly configured and Redstick was unable to connect to your device correctly.

    Once connected, use of the device consists of:
    1. Drawing/selecting a wall.
    2. Being sure that the correct side of the wall is selected.
    3. Making a measurement with the bluetooth device.

    Walls that have their length set by a bluetooth device will have that length ‘locked’ so that the measured value is not affected by changes to other walls.

    When drawing new walls Redstick assumes that the walls are being added clockwise around the room and by default selects the side of the wall that would correspond to the interiour dimension of the wall.

    When you are done measuring the Bluetooth device can be safely disconnected/turned off and you can continue working on the model in the app.

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