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    Just started with redstickcad, i am quite surprised with the good characteristics of the app, but i have a problem with the bluetooth measuring with bosch glm50c, it connects fast and well, i can start measuring and works great at first but in case i accidentaly push in the app bluetooth menu or after saving work, the app suddenly seems to be still conected to the glm50c but it must be disconnected cause on the screen you see “waiting for measures” but it doesn´t receive any data anymore from bluetooh, at this point the glm50c screen bluetooth sign changes and only shows bluetooth sign but not the linked and transfer sign.
    In this moment you can not disconnect and connect again unless finally restarting the app totally, after that it works again… do you have same problem or know why it happens?
    Thanks very much!

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    Hi jrlosada,

    Thanks for bringing your question to the support forum! We will look into what is causing this bug.
    It would be helpful if you could give us a few more technical details: Are you using an iPhone or an iPad? What type of iPhone or iPad are you using (eg: iPhone 6S or 7, etc.)? Are you sure you have the latest iOS version for your device?

    As mentioned before, we will look into this.

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    Thanks very much for your soon reply, next i send you details about my device, it is an IPAD 3.1, software is updated at the latest version this device admits (9.3.1), after some use everything works well but not this matter with the bluetooth, it fails just when i accidentally push on the redstick bluetooth button or when i change to another file inside the app.
    kind regards

    Product: Redstick 3.20.2i
    Device details:
    OS: iPad OS 9.3.5
    Manufacturer: Apple
    Device: iPad 3,1
    Bluetooth laser measurer : Bosch GLM50 C (Jun 2017)

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    Hi! Could you tell me if you have any news about this topic? i need to know about the cause of the problem if it comes from my device version and if it has any solution, also the android version has the same problem?
    Thanks for your reply…

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    Hi jrlosda,

    We have been able to reproduce this issue and it seems to be related to changes made recently to Apple’s OS causing this bug. We have not been able to reproduce this issue when testing on Android devices. We are working to fix it for a future release of Redstick.

    In the mean time, if you need to avoid accidentally pressing the Bluetooth button in the app then you can close the settings toolbar while drawing walls with the Bluetooth device. If you need to disconnect your devices try turning Bluetooth off on the measuring device, the app should detect the disconnect and not have any bugs.

    Again, we are working to address this in a future release of Redstick.

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