REDSTICK CAD - An app that you can carry in your pocket on your (approved) smart phone or Tablet and create a 3D model as you measure your site. When your done, import your REDSTICK model into your favorite BIM Software to continue your documentation process!

Start your documentation process on site not back at your office!
Designed to be simple enough for anyone to use "on-site"and accurate enough to continue working with the profesional CAD program of your choice, back at the office. (3D BIM or 2D)

Our Mission - Make life easier!

To provide a technology that is easy enough for anyone to use, yet is accurate and flexible enough to transfer captured information to the next phase of the documentation process.

Paper and pencil drawings can be unclear and ambiguous. REDSTICK with a bluetooth enabled laser measuring device (not included) and a recomended smartphone or tablet (not included) offer unprecedented accuracy in your site measures. ....And just as important, it is information that can be reused.

Check out our video tutorials on this site and see first hand how easy it is to use.


There is no safer way to ensure that your building (kitchen / blinds / shopfittings / paint or render) takeoff is accurate, than creating a 3D model to validate your dimensions. Bluetooth laser devices measure acurately to within millimeters, and ArchiCAD and REVIT will calculate exact surface areas, lengths or volumes in a flash.


What you will need?

To keep things simple, REDSTICK is designed to document walls, doors, windows, openings and solid items such as benches and cabinets .

1 - Measure.
Use a tape measure or a bluetooth enabled laser device.


Redstick will automate the retrieval of measurements from specific laser measuring devices, like the Leica Disto via bluetooth or you can manually type in individual measurements.




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2 - Document your site.
Input your site into your smartphone or tablet...


Once completing the input of dimensions, press save and REDSTICK can email that file to anyone you choose, Send them a 3D IFC file to continue documenting in all IFC compliant software.

More formats to be available soon.




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3 - Use your CAD/BIM Model.
Back at the office, you have a digital copy of your measurements...


Continue your presice digital workflow in the CAD package that you are most familiar with. Add value to your workflow. No more starting again in a different format. Most errors are created when making the trasition from different formats. Pencil to Paper. Paper to CAD. REDSTICK eliminates these transitions.

Start your Building Information Modelling Process on site!

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REDSTICK SITECAD is a professional tool to document and dimension sites. Optimised for trades people as welll as building professionals such as architects, building designers, shopfitters, cabinetmakers facility managers and anyone that wants to build or design anything from flawless dimensional takeoffs.


Simply to do away with rough sketches and ilegible handwriting, that can cause problems after getting back to your office to document the site you just visited.

Offering a cheap software solution that makes use of tools that most of us already have. Any Apple or Android Smart device can transfer its captured information to all the popular 3D and 2D CAD programs. Technically speaking, starting the Building Information Model (BIM) as soon as possible from the first site visit..

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REDSTICK is a simple CAD application that is designed from the ground up as a tool to assist documenting the 'measure up' of a building site. REDSTICK is compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. REDSTICK also communicates with popular bluetooth Laser measuring devices such as the Leica Disto for accurate takeoffs and super quick measure ups. Back at your office you can use your REDstick information to continue work in your favorite CAD package. Exports 3D IFC files for ArchiCAD and REVIT, or 2D files for just about every other CAD package in existence. Start your BIM process on site not back at the office!.


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